Web Design | KumaWash

F eatured: This project aimed to introduce KumaWash to public before launching their service. We had done several user surveys and undergone several testings. Here is one of the introduction pages for KumaWash.

About KumaWash

KumaWash is Taiwan’s first on-demand laundry service delivered to people’s house with 24-hour turnaround. By placing order via their app, customers’ clothes will be greatly clean and ironed flat without spending any time and efforts, so that people are able to spend time on things that really matter.

Target User

People from 25-45, who are high-paid, lazy and busy will be target users. In this version, we mainly focus on male users because we found that men prefer faster and easier way to do laundry based on the data from ads and questionnaires.

Focusing on features which bring users to get laundry done in a faster and easier way


In addition to presenting service features, we tried to put data that is related to user and laundry to indicate the benefit of using KumaWash.

Strengthening the reason what if users use KumaWash


After presenting the features and benefits of using Kumawash, which is fastness and convenience, we deal with trust, for laundry is a very personal thing. It is private. People care about how their clothes are cleaned and who might touch their clothes. Is the washing machine clean enough? Is my clothes washed with others? Is it possible to separate some clothes with my other clothes? Thus the cleaning section were also included in the landing page.

Adding Trust elements and basic info to keep their eyes on

Artboard 2dd


A Persuasive landing page

The goal of the web page was to get people’s email. The conversion rate of this version was 12% in average, which was 3% higher than previous landing page.

For the whole content of the page, click here to see: https://www.behance.net/gallery/32403021/KumaWash-Web-Design-Demo