Ideation | Job Search Homepage Design

Why I did it

I believe everyone has ever looked for job at least once in our lives. Thanks to the daily UI challenge, it sent out a challenge that was asked me to design a landing page with no limit. So it occurred to me that since I have been seeking for job, why not trying to design one?

My Design process

Step 1 – Define users need

Due to the time limit, I have no time on doing user interviews nor user surveys, so I decided to find some scholar articles to find people’s difficulties on seeking for jobs via the Internet.

From these articles, I got some inspiration on the issue of online recruitment service:

  • Job seekers care about the personal information and are afraid that via the third party their info may be revealed.
  • The more detailed info a website provides, the more trust and attractive to job seekers.
  • Job seeking is quite a personal thing and they don’t think it is appropriate to reveal on their social life.
  • Nowadays people desires that an online recruitment service can not only provide a job opportunity but more to help them find a job they want.

Also I listed some of my behaviour and thoughts when seeking a job:

  • Too much info just overwhelms me and fail to find any job, thus I don’t use the website like 104.
  • I prefer to email directly to the company instead of using job search website due to my concern for the personal info.
  • I need a way to save those jobs I am interested so that I can get back to them later
  • Often there are several jobs appearing on the site for a long time, I am not sure whether they are still on recruiting or not.

So the problem is that they need to find a job in a more efficient way. So my solution is to help user find some jobs they love by the analysis of users behaviour.

Here is the product statement:

Product Statement

 For those who want to find the jobs they like in an efficient way(TA), this job search service is presented personailzed content to users and garuntee that the job opening is truely ongoing. Unlike those serive, it also provides job finding reward system to job seekers in order to let user apply on our website.

Since this product is to provide the personalized content, I will design two versions of the homepage. One for new visitors and the other for sign in users.

The Version 1 – New visitors

New visitors are the one who don’t know what kind of product it is. Thus it is important to make them know what the product is and what the unique feature it is.

In this page, the most important action is to find jobs. Thus I put 2 button on it. In addition, I put some info to tell people that they info won’t be reveal and the way we work.

And the feature job part can be a profit source for us. Some company may need reach more people to get appropriate candidates. Here can be a way.


The version 2 – Signed in users

As for signed in users, it is important to provide the personalized content. So I put the job list that users interested, search history, new pick from top to down.

My decision in this order is the familiarity and the interest of things.

Between interested job list and search history, there is an emphasis of surprise me introduction. Surprise me is to help people find the job they may like by a series of questions.

New pick section is based on users past search research to produce a customized content for users. Also in this section, it will provide there are some updates in categories so that people will know there are some new one or some companies releasing new positions or on recruiting.


So here’s my ideation of Job Search homepage. I may go on this project to make it more complete and clear. 🙂