Featured: FitU is a fitness app. Via personalised advice, users can get their goals in a highly effective way. As a product designer in this project, I have involved from user research to final design.

ews released by press: http://www.dgcovery.com/2016/08/04/demoday-ifit/

The origin of the project

About the client – iFit

iFit aims to help people lose weight in a healthy way. The project originated from creating online-to-offline experience of helping user lose weight in a more efficient way. When users go to their offline store, they will be able to get their in body results. But here we needed to figure out why people have motivation to go to their offline store. What’s the motivation? How do iFit help them to lose weight?

The Design Process of this program

Since iFit has offline stores, we also visited several one to understand the whole experience that users will face.

Find out more about insight – User Research

I have interviewed 3 users who desired to lose weight and tried to sort up the whole collected data.

Target User

Female user from 22 – 55, who currently are trying to lose weight.

User’s Motivation of inbody measurement
User’s Problem
  • Inappropriate fitness method: users have no idea which method is suitable for themselves
  • Failure to interpret the inbody results: some quota like muscle weight are also important for fitness yet they fail to interpret this quota
  • Unable to continue: users are easy to give up their fitness life, for they are ease to run out of steam

All the target user need is to give them personalized fitness method to help them lose weight

The Core Feature to solve the problem

  • Get what they need in personalized content

Via health test, users will receive suitable fitness information that works


  • Receive appropriate fitness method from experts

After going to offline store for in body measurement, users can follow expert’s advice of improving fitness method.

  • Design a reward system to encourage them

motivation system help users boost their chance of achieving goal

The User flow


App Demo



My reflections

The final demo of the whole project was the very first version of the product. Though the developers did not follow the guideline exactly, it was really a great experience for me to cooperate with developers. Also this was my first case for app design. Many thanks the client for trusting me. 🙂

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