Daily UI Challenge

#1 Sign in/ sign up

Instead of creating an account, I used touch ID for entering the personal private diary content! Get as fast as possible for users to login. 😀

#2 Credit Card Payment

The most important part of payment info for user is how much they will pay and how to pay. Thus I put the total amount and the action button in the front layer. It will be the first priority in this screen.

#9 Music Player

In the screen, I put an emphasis on the lyrics. Since users can stop or play the music on the other place, I think they come to this screen to get more info of this song. So the lyrics is the priority in this shot. Secondly it comes to the singer, for they would like to know other songs this singer sang. The last one comes to like button, repeat button and cycle play, for these detailed settings are usually only shown on this page.

#8 404 page

Because I am a heavy user, I just want to show my love for Bear app!

I tried to follow their design principle to build one.

Also just use the words like they might say to express the page is not found.


iPhone X Design

Design a trip app in order to familiar with layout