Branding design does not only make it beautiful, but also makes it meaningful.

About the project

This branding is a self-motivated project for me to undergo how to create a logo that fits a company’s identity. The brand of this project is assumed that it is an organization that provides design knowledge to people.

The process of logo design

A design a day logo -2-01

Understanding this brand is important

Before logo brainstorming, I’d like to understand what the brand is. The following are the questions I ask my self.

  1. What kind of service/product does this brand provide?
  2. What’s the advantages of this brand compared to other competitors?
  3. What’s their main target customer?

For me, design does not just make it beautiful, it’s more about making it useful and meaningful.

Finding the one that fits the brand image

Based on these questions, I develop various type of concept to present the brand, starting to explore the visual logo that fits the brand.

Each experimental logo has its style and the concept. By doing this, we are about to be clear that what this brand is. It is very interesting to me.

Here are the brainstorming I did for this project.

A design a day logo -2-02

I will undergo several stages to find the one that fit the brand’s image. It may be complicated yet very worthy. If a visual logo can make people know what the brand is, we should pay more attention on creating a good one, shouldn’t we? 🙂

The result of this project is quite different from the stage 1. Because the brand I assumed wants to convey that design is not that hard to learn. It’s simple and easy. Due to this proposition, I make the visual logo in a simple style.